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Two programmers located in Victoria, B.C. with the same goals!

  1. To connect and network. Meet socially minded business entrepreneurs and be an effective source for change on the ground and the interspersed web. We have a wealth of project management and innovative design experience.
    Connect with us because we like to think you can ask us just about anything...
  2. To help businesses grow! The key way is analyzing your data is through creating conversion goals and targeting clients' needs. Always with a mind for helping users achieve their goals (no matter how small) and thereby helping you meet your business needs - SupaDesign wants to work with you!

Give us a shout today and let us help increase your conversion rates.

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Julia, MEd

Director of Optimization

Julia loves to network and find out all about your product and business needs. Sitting-down one-on-one and looking at all aspects of your brand promotion helps her understand how to optimize your current state and suggest improvements.

As an instructor of Business Software and Web Design at Camosun College specializing Human Computer Interactions, she is dedicated to maximizing the potential of your website's User Interface and focusing on User Experience. Analytics and usability testing will maximize your knowledge of your online customers' habits so your site is catered to your their needs.





Product Manager & Full Stack Development

Mike is always looking for the cutting-edge. He dabbles in new frameworks and innovates with amazing results. Open-source focused, he values collaboration over competition.

Mike will verify your project requirements and the resources needed to provide you with a project plan. Mike has been developing since the late-90's and began his journey in Joomla in 2010 so intimately knows the ins and outs of the code history behind the scene. He specializes in team management, architecture design and coding the tough stuff.